Save Your Teeth, Treat the Troops this Halloween

Save Your Teeth, Treat the Troops this Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means… candy! It’s everywhere you look this time of year, and if you are a trick-or-treat enabler, it’ll be in your house soon, if it isn’t already. But, don’t fret. While sweets aren’t exactly good for you, some are better for your teeth than others. You just have to choose wisely!

Chocolate lovers, rejoice — it’s one of your best options for dental health. It rinses off your teeth more easily than most candy, and if you choose dark chocolate, it has less sugar than milk chocolate. What you want to be aware of are the sticky, sour, and hard candies. Sticky or hard candy are troublesome because they stay in your mouth and/or on directly your teeth longer, raising the risk of cavities. Sour candy is very acidic, which means it can weaken and damage your enamel.

If you really want to limit how much candy you consume AND contribute to a worth cause, the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program is the answer. The program enlists the help of dental practices in offering incentives to donate excess Halloween candy, which is shipped to troops serving abroad. For more information, visit, or contact one of these participating dentists, all of which are located in Mandeville:


Grand Family Dentistry

2083 3rd Street; (985) 231-5796;;


Grand Family Dentistry Arbor Center

535 N. Causeway; (985) 231-5901;;


Weimer Family Dentistry

807 Asbury Drive; (985) 727-1800;;