Drive-Thru Diet: McDonald’s Healthier Options

Drive-Thru Diet: McDonald’s Healthier Options

As the vast majority of people become increasingly aware of how our diets affect our overall health and wellbeing, the marketplace is responding with healthier options. Natural and organic foods are filling more shelf space at grocery stores, and even restaurant chains like McDonald’s are getting in on the act.

CNN recently posted an article on the changes the fast food giant has made to their menu. Counting your calories or cutting back on carbs? They recommend the Southwest grilled chicken salad. Skip the dressing, but the roasted corn and tomatoes, black beans, cilantro lime glaze, and chili lime tortilla strips add plenty of flavor, and only add up to 350 calories. An Egg McMuffin without Canadian bacon or butter has only 250 calories. Keep the bacon and skip the English muffin to cut out the carbs. Make it an Egg White Delight McMuffin for another option.

The menu even includes healthy choices like fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal. And did you know a hamburger is only 250 calories, and a four-piece serving of chicken McNuggets has only 180 calories? The article suggest lots of menu items for kids, as well as people with various diet goals and restrictions, including reduced salt and gluten.

Check out the McDonald’s website ( for their full menu, nutrition calculator, and details on their commitment to food quality, including their policies on antibiotics in chicken, cage-free eggs, and sustainable beef.

Look for copies of Hoo Knows Tammany at the following McDonald’s locations:

  • 4575 Lasalle Street, Mandeville
  • 2045 Florida St, Mandeville
  • 1007 Hwy 190, Covington
  • 71325 Hwy 1077, Covington
  • 70345 Louisiana 21, Covington