Chilly Treats to Beat the Heat

Chilly Treats to Beat the Heat

(Image courtesy of Seredipitous Designs)

Summer’s here and temperatures are on the rise. That calls for shorts, flip-flops, trips to the pool, and of course, frozen treats! Lucky for us, whether you’re over or under 21, our region is renowned for two fabulously icy delicacies… snowballs and daiquiris.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of Tangi’s best snowballs stands and daiquiri shops to help you chill out this summer!



Blizzards Snobalz (Hammond)

17290 Highway 190 East

(985) 351-4795


Snow Bro’s Snowballs (Hammond)

14514 West Thomas Street

(985) 705-2588


Snow King Snowballs (Hammond)

301 Celia Avenue

(985) 542-4229




New Orleans Original Daiquiris/Fat Tuesday (Robert)

44191 Highway 445

(985) 340-7770


Rainbow Daiquiris (Hammond, Ponchatoula)

14384 West Thomas Street, Hammond

(985) 542-7171


168 West Pine St, Ponchatoula

(985) 386-4136


Stray Cats (Ponchatoula)

138 N 6th St

(985) 386-2322


Wiseguys Daiquiris (Hammond, Amite)

14474 University Avenue, Hammond

(985) 543-0380


1007 West Oak Street, Amite

(985) 747-9070