Playful Landscaping Ideas

Playful Landscaping Ideas

Until recently, your only real options for creating a functional backyard space were basically limited to a pool, playground equipment, or an outdoor kitchen. Now, thanks to a new landscaping trend, there are all sorts of creative ideas for aesthetically pleasing, all-ages backyard play.

Miniature Golf. A backyard putting green may be nothing new, but mini golf adds a fun twist to an old concept. The size and scope of the green depends on individual taste, space, and budget, but it retains one of the best benefits of a putting green — artificial grass creates a low maintenance zone that requires no pesky mowing or weeding.

Giant Chessboards. Whether you repurpose an existing patio or create a board using pavers, what a fabulous, whimsical focal point this creates. Many online retailers offer giant chess pieces, with and without a roll-out mat, which adds a convenient element of portability.

Corn Hole. People are not only creating specialized boards for this brilliantly simple bean-bag-throwing hobby, but their own backyard courts, as well. They can easily fit into any long, grassy corridor on your property, and the portability of the boards makes it easy to store them away when not in use, returning your yard to a more pastoral setting.

Outdoor Theater. Although this isn’t exactly a physically active form of fun, creating an outdoor screening area is undeniably cool. Whether you choose to mimic a drive-in movie or host your own boisterous sports-viewing events, being out under the stars and surrounded by nature certainly elevates the experience.